Mieke Ola is ready-to-wear women’s fashion brand. The name is derived from designer and model Mieke Ola Jansen, the creator and inspiration for the brand. Mieke Ola focuses on trendy, unique and fun fashion that is of high quality and affordability. Mieke Ola aims to uplift the fashion community of South Africa and all garment are made with healthy, happy hands in Cape Town, South Africa, in a fair trade and ethical manner.

“Our mission is to empower women, to believe that there are no limitations to what they can achieve. We want to give girls the ability to confidently be themselves and express who they are through fashion with good quality garments that are fresh and stylish but will last longer than just one season.”

Always keeping it bold and fresh Mieke Ola is designed for the forward-thinking millennial girl and is inspired by the bohemian ideals of adventure, freedom, love and art but with a modern, elegant twist. Perfect for every go-getting girl!

“Our brand is for the dreamers, the adventures, the new generation of unstoppable women.”